This up to date Stories gallery showcases adventures into writing visual novels

You will find all the currently published poems in the “Visual Novel” format.

These are current working fine for desktop browsers – mobiles and tables have varying degrees of support.

Interact with the articles and listen to the music and sound effects whilst seeing the characters and effects with the story.

We also may incorporate “Web Stories” as a new means of presenting our work see

Some fun favourite poems in Visual Novel format used to tell our poems as stories.

Read the instructions and story.

See the characters move onto the stage and say their piece.

Notice any rain or snow  floating around.

Notice any other graphics popping in and out of the scene.

Have a listen, to the background music and sound effects.

The screen may even shake!

And remember it’s all a bit of a fun way of showing poems.

Oh – and we thank and love RenJS for providing us with the toolkit.

Work in progress – watch this space!