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Welcome to a quirky, poem, story and music blog website. Within our riverside nest we offer poems, music and worlds and “correspondence” illustrated by images, comic strips and cartoons. It’s our hope that we may entertain you in some way through our words, sounds or visions. It’s also our aspiration that these quirky posts can shine through from life itself and make art from our action…

Life is not a journey, life is a dance, life is music, life is from the ordinary – artistry from the ordinary!


Hi, I’m Mark Anthony founder of posowoco.com.

Somewhere in a place next to the river Avon, right in the middle of England.

The hills are green and the clouds touch the top of the trees, clearing later for the sun.

The river flows on by with gravity and water as its food, onwards towards the sea and then back again by rain and hill.

The mornings and sunsets have come and gone and yet even changes make everything seem the same.

As POSOWOCO I live by the river and enjoy writing, dreaming and thinking, later creating Poems, Sounds, Worlds and Stories for ever.

My portfolios show all poems, songs, worlds and stories that create artistry from the ordinary.

Of course, all of the music on the site was written by POSOWOCO for the love of it and to accompany our posts.

Come and go-go with our Poems, Sounds, Worlds and Correspondence.

A Poem, in its entirety, is a way we can express our views on people, the earth, life, emotions, *.*.

Poetry is an outlet to articulate our ideas and experiences to others as we wished we could voice to ourselves every time we speak.

Writing poetry is a good companion—peaceful and funny, intelligent and sensitive.

It is humorous and kind, honest and good company for anyone – what you’d expect a best friend to be!.

Poetry is emotional, creative and free-floating; it brings life from the ordinary and passive.

We write poetry when we want to articulate something that cannot be easily communicated in precise and logical forms.

We write poems about life, poems about love, about dreams, about objects, and about you.

A poet though, must work alone to shape their words and produce diamonds from the clay.

This morning’s and sunsets bring about deep hidden sounds, the sounds of a new beginning, yet again.

In a day, there can appear to be a meaningful sonic change, but many underlying fundamentals sounds are still the same.

We recognise that sounds and music, just like poems sometimes can be nothing to do with thinking.

Sounds can be just a way for the subconscious to get free, to be away from logic and process.

Music can cause events and places to melt away from us so that we can listen to them and reflect.

Music may trigger memories of these places, later on, hours, days or years later.

Sounds of music become exciting because as well as poems, they have another dimension to push out into new experiences.

Sounds bind us to our times just like smell and become glued to the surface of our past.

We recognise that we all live in one world, indeed we are told one universe at a time.

People live in their own worlds really though and this is good up to the point of sharing and caring.

We also see that technology has caught up with the imagination to make many worlds possible and easy to create and perhaps replace.

We have an interest in creating separate walk-able worlds for virtual reality and creating fantasy maps with histories.

In these anyone can live out the their world spaces in the private security of their minds if they want.

Creating worlds is a great thing to do and will ensure an imagination-based personality, creative for work too!.

Remember that words do make worlds.

A story can be all that it takes to start and run or ruin your world.

We find writing poems, making songs and creating worlds exhilarating, fun and ultimately satisfying.

We also know that as ideas come up, we need to have pigeon holes to display and develop them.

That’s why we came up with a correspondence portfolio, somewhere to live forever.

Here we can put old stories and bits and pieces that have or had meaning to us for some reason.

We use correspondence to mean letters to self from the past or future on general and specific topics.

In this way we hope we can entertain a larger audience through our “postcards to us” approach.

As with any correspondence, they can be funny, sad, sci-fi, romantic or matter-of-fact.

So the correspondence content will develop randomly as the website does too!

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