Want to read poems with feelings for a lifetime just because you do?

Or to play novel and haunting music forever and ever?

Or to see magical worlds of fantasy and strangeness for the sake of it?

Well you can, here on Mark Anthony’s POSOWOCO website!

Have a look at my positive, poem, sounds, world  and story content website.

Within a riverside nest you can read, hear and see playful worlds illustrated by images, comic strips and cartoons.

Uplifting poems and sounds, to discover, start exploring from my recent posts and try a few menu selections and links.

There are also full free music albums and video selections to get you in the mood for positive fun.

It’s my hope that I may entertain you in some way through my words, sounds or visions.

It’s also my aspiration that these quirky posts can show you how we can make our own ordinary universes everyday.

I do think positivity is the key to a happy life to keep us alive and called to action.

And remember, life is not a journey, life is the dance of “now”, life is music, life is in the ordinary – a positive essence itself!

Hello and welcome to POSOWOCO!

Hello, my name is MARK ANTHONY. I am a writer & composer and have titled the site POSOWOCO after its content.

As a non-commercial site and radio station all of our site’s content are ORIGINAL and AVAILABLE, right now,  for YOU! 😊

If the COMIC format is not to your taste, either touch the X button to show text or select the preferences cog at the top and turn them OFF. 😊