Anyone want to know what bliss is?

Anyone curious about how to get it or when it happens?

Finding perfect happiness or bliss sometimes seems impossible.

In reality though, so as not to be disappointed,  it can come from the smallest things.

At some unexpected place and time and perhaps many times, it will hit us in our lives.

At some near point, you may have an epiphany moment and everything in your life will become clearer.

It may perhaps become magical, even for a small period.

Take the bliss soak in it, look back on it and hold on to this earth for more.

This is a poem for documenting the continual singular moments of bliss.

We do need to know that beautiful moments will hit our lives.

It can happen to everyone everywhere, anywhere at any time for no reason and you may be next.

Once you have attained it you would never, ever, ever forget.



the thing we call bliss --

that first perfect kiss that lights

and makes us feel walk

By Mark Anthony

This poem was written after a book I had read years ago.

The moment of bliss tied everything I did and thought into the universe.

Suddenly I felt not alone, I felt connected and with everything.

The bliss lasted a few days and finally flowed away but I wasn’t feeling empty.