A history of our activities

On this page we present a list of all our activities in the production of this website and radio.

We give a breakdown month by month of our updates and new stuff.

As usual latest first, oldest last by month and type of update.

We also include a link tab to all of our MailPoet published newsletters and emails.


with 'BUG'

BugmapBUGComic selection by click for example poems are sometimes not retranslating.
BugmapBUGMissing comic images when save image in comic generator, sometimes they are clipped too.
BugmapBUGAudioviz on ipad stutters and eventually stops on first play only, viz stops after multiple selects on desktop - replace?.
BugmapBUGBook flip-paging on mobile causes overlapping texts.
BugmapBUGBook page e.g. start text contents on small mobiles are cut off and overflow the page.
RoadmapBUGWhen toggling between slideshow and playlist on poem galler, sometimes the poem is squashed.
RoadmapBUGWeb assist play sfx collection depends on timing of clicking close button https://posowoco.com/galleries/sound-gallery/?scroll=.app-profiles&tab=audioplayers&play=.app-boat-btn.
RoadmapBUGWhen playing cassette in reverse from assist the play button is not down.
RoadmapBUGPlay vn, select settings, sounds are muted, not playing on ipad, crashing on android,.