Anyone wanting to see a recent trip to a future city?.

Or a low-polygon empty buildings, trees water as something new and exciting to explore?.

Do you need to consider what you would do if you were planted into the future?.

Do you need to be somewhere in the future as this present time is not worthy of you?.

Take a step forward in time and really see, really judge if its for you.

Look around the small isolated buildings and wonder what kind of people there would be.

See the ponds and grass shimmer and the tress grow before your eyes.

Look at the occasional sign post that appears in the air out of nothing

See the simple living environment, devoid of troubles and listen to its tune,

Listen to the choir that heralds you into this future place for a while.

You can look upon the trip as a present, a gift so you can be happier today.

Future city, no ways , no troubles no problems, but hey!, no people…


    Accordian Choir

    Failing Heart This time I can feel the same Burning flavour of those years behind When each day was a lesson And could break the altered man. I think for all the precious time That my heart cannot stand The measures running against it And would falter when I cried. The meaning of the world around Gets lesser as my mind grows And the places follow me everywhere To tell me the same when I feel small. The future that I used to look upon Is gobbled up by my restless actions And seems to be longer and yet short For my every day needs and time lines. 2nd September 1987


    this time I can feel --

    burning flavour of those years

    each day was a could

    By Mark Anthony

    The Breeze

    I was lying on my bed after doing a spot of gardening. I started to drift into a shallow sleep, a kind of non-world. I could still hear the birds singing outside and the gentle whoosh of the breeze on the Sycamore trees.

    The Future City

    Suddenly I was in a completely different world. For some explicable reason the date on my watch was the year 2666 and all I could see were small white buildings and lush vegetation. A dance tune was playing in the background.

    Rich Grass

    I started heading for the buildings as they provided a focal point for me getting any more information on my situation. I walked through incredibly dense and rich beautiful grass. I’d never seen it so green before. The breeze was tossing the tress about this way and that.

    Hive shaped Buildings

    I noticed it strange that the building were all hive-shaped. I wondered why. Some buildings looked like they started on the land but continued on underground.

    Flat Topped Roof

    I also noticed that some of the buildings had weird flat topped rooves, almost like observation platforms or viewing areas. Still not a sign of any people.

    Large 2 Trunk Mushrooms

    As I climbed around the corner of a building past some trees I noticed 2 gigantic mushroom like structures, each one had two trunks. Well, not seen anything like that either! Perhaps vegetation had changed, perhaps they were man-made.

    Central Cylinder building

    After a while I came across what looked like the main building for the city. It was sort of cylindrical shaped but again had horizontal gaps just like a beehive would have. This seem to be the style of the whole set of buildings.

    Old iron cage

    There lying in a flowing brook was an old iron cage. Again this was in the shape of a cylinder and it crossed from one side of the water to the other.

    Sun panels

    For a change I decided to look up into the sky. There on gigantic poles were several sun panels perhaps generating power for the buildings. But if so, why not more of them?

    Sign in the Sky

    As I glanced past the panels, there appeared to be a sign in the sky. There was definitely a human face on it. It slowly seemed to go out of focus; I was still moving fairly quick in my eagerness to find someone.

    Growing Trees

    I continued to look around the sky and towards the distant horizon. To my amazement, whole trees and woods would appear and disappear from view as if to hide something or provide me with a better view.

    Birds and Fairies

    It was noticeable that the occasional flock of birds flew over and around the buildings. At one point I swear I could see some fairies or fairy lights dancing beneath some trees. Perhaps this was all the life there was?

    Tables and Chairs

    Around the back of the main city buildings I happened on some stone tables and chairs. Again if there were not any people, why would these structures exist and for whom?

    Roof-top Filters

    My second glance at the top of some of the buildings confirmed my suspicion that there were filters on each building. I had seen this kind of thing somewhere else, somewhere not so clean.

    Shallow Moat

    I found it almost too cute to see that the small city had a fresh, clear moat running around its borders. This was surely too old fashioned for the architecture or had it a proper serving purpose?

    Wind Generators

    The sight of some wind turbines helped relax for a bit. At least any power being generated would be from these machines. They looked hardly changed from when I had left my times.

    Surrounded by Sea

    For some reason my body started to elevate. As it did so I could see that the whole city landscape was covered by a rich beautiful ocean. It sounded good.

    Fade from Above

    After the sea view, the whole picture started dimming and I could see the ground approaching fast. It was at that point I knew the tour had stopped.

    Return Home

    I awoke in my bed not half an hour from when I had drifted off. I thanked my universe for the view and hoped one day I could return. Return to what though I had many more trips to experience to get the bottom of things.

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