Anyone wanting to go shopping locally?.

Listen to a tune for non-leisurely shopping down the aisles?.

You need something, you must have it now, now?.

Somewhere to buy local?, i.e. no more than 1 mile away?.

We have grown up with a supermarket as a replacement for several shops.

One place to get everything you need once in a while, sounds like a dream.

The weekly shop at your local supermarket has now become daily to try and get the newly delivered stock.

What was once a leisurely activity has now morphed into a primate hunter, gatherer experience.

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The Supermarket

what was once a dance --

amongst the aisles is now chiefs

and no smiles what was

By Mark Anthony

The DX7 is our 1980s instrument of choice - used for the bass lines. The RX5 is a much forgotten drum machine - hear its classic snare and cymbals. The D110 is an advanced 1980's multi-timbral sound box - used for strings and leads. Steinberg Pro24 was our "go-to" Atari music sequencer - used for song arrangement.