Anyone wanting to go shopping locally?.

Listen to a tune for non-leisurely shopping down the aisles?.

You need something, you must have it now, now?.

Somewhere to buy local?, i.e. no more than 1 mile away?.

We have grown up with a supermarket as a replacement for several shops.

One place to get everything you need once in a while, sounds like a dream.

The weekly shop at your local supermarket has now become daily to try and get the newly delivered stock.

What was once a leisurely activity has now morphed into a primate hunter, gatherer experience.



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The Supermarket What was once, A lovely, gentle dance, Amongst the aisles. Is now something, For hunters and chiefs, And no smiles. What was once, For things already seen, And bought for all. There are gaps And lists to make, Again to fall. My shelves dry up, When times are scarce, But renewed by fall. 5th May 2019


what was once a dance --

amongst the aisles is now chiefs

and no smiles what was

By Mark Anthony

Music Theme