Anyone want verse to keep them going step by step, knowing its all happened before?.

Or a poem for the love of companionship and comforting knowledge of certainty?.

Do you need to crave certainty and love?.

Is everywhere that your life touches others and things being repeated?.

Is it important to know who, when and how you are and to know what’s next?.

I am yet again staring outside, waiting for a new visit to the sea.

There I can remember when I was younger and ready for everything, learning day by day through all senses.

Now I want to be there at the sea with you to take up the air.

To take up the smell and sounds of the times we were in.

It’s as though all those things are part of you.

Perhaps that’s not the way but it doesn’t seem to matter.

I am to be happy with it, in the now, not the past or future shadows…


Come another Step

staring out of square --

my inside higher than life

I want to be sea

By Mark Anthony

At some point in a day I had the sudden urge to go down to the sea and listen to music.

I had been playing around with some tunes on a guitar and one just cropped up that kept repeating.

I went down to the sea and remembered how great the whole day had been and what a great village and friend I had.

I hoped the universe would just keep on repeating, just like my music did in my head so it would be fun forever.