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Dear Readers

Here's a poem about my feet.Some words about their daily plight.Some lines detailing the distance and strife.But will my feet walk me nearer to you?

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone want to read a poem about feet and their daily thoughts?

About their life and musings?

Do we not mention the miles they have to walk?

But do they also keep me moving, upright and feeling alive?

Could it be they are the very start of us or are they the end?

My Feet My feet they like to talk together, They like to walk and stalk together, They will pace in any weather, They will stand as one forever. In and amongst the heather, Treading water and its brand, Walk-in sailing the land, And crushing the gravel and sand. When one gets ill the other one sighs, And tries to help to take the weight, Of the master they are serving way on top, Or any type of freight they stop. My feet they like to march together, They like to stride together, They try to dance together, They want to brand together. At any time of their life, They can wake up and see each other, Perhaps one is sleeping, Perhaps one is twitching. After hours of standing, Maybe to attention or still, Or other ways of landing their fill, Or stretching after waiting will. My feet they love to be together, They like to smile together, And be a while together, Ignoring stones or other things. And keeping their distance by day, Until nightfall when they play, When they cling together, And swing apart under the covers. They are ready for the next day's standing, Or walking or running or landing, They are rested and well-prepared, To carry the might of those upstairs. My feet today and the future, Who know better than me than I ought to, Who keep my footsteps in the scenes, Where they have been in day and dreams. 4th November 2022

I wrote this poem after waking up and looking at my feet.

My imagination turned the unique world of feet and the weight they have to carry.

It struck me of the togetherness they had, being bound from birth of course.

They had to get along and cooperate for the good of me and indeed themselves.

The days are long when being stood on and forced to walk miles and miles.

But then I could imagine the feet are enjoying it.

They also like to have a good rest now and then.

We should take care of our feet as they are so special.

The are what make life bearable in the end as we move around so much.

Let's celebrate the many feet of the world and keep them healthy and safe.

My Feet

my feet they like talk --

they like to walk and stalk stand

in and amongst brand