Anyone wanting verse to show how we can be tricked by time and are given a slice of it per day?.

Or a poem for documenting the slipping away of the future?

Or if you need to know that now is forever?.

And think everywhere where people are isolated and alone?.

Is it important to know that forever is now and we must live it fully?.

We are all born to this world to a potential future and past.

But what we may miss is the fact that we are only given it day by day.

Or second by second.

All has to be contained in a tiny slice of the universe we call our own.

But how small does each slice have to be to “matter”.

And does memory erase the jumps between each “tick”.

From this slice then, we are to learn, love, live and die and hopefully to realise this before the latter.


One Day at a Time

one day at a time --

feel the heat feel the fear slice

ignored day by day

By Mark Anthony

I wrote this poem shortly after reading a book on mindfulness.

It went on about the fact that we have no real future or past only the present.

I seemed to me that that’s how most creatures live, one day at a time.

Sometimes it is far less frightening to live this way I thought.