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Dear Readers

I created these tracks after a few days thinking about the infinite large and the infinite small. They take me on a mind journey of exploring the different scales on which all life and matter exist...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Infinity Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for infinity?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was specifically created for a trip to the infinite inspired from thoughts about forever large and forever small.

Music and samples and keys by Mark in our new pop piece called 'Infinity' made in the summer month of June 2021.

The music is weak reggae-ton based with syncopating bass grooves, pads, FX and lots of pads and synthesizers!


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  1. Infinity Given infinity there are many versions of you including an identical one - what would you say to them?
  2. Continuum Your personality changes very slowly over time unless you experience something traumatic - would you recognise yourself as a child?
  3. Expanse Normally a large open area of land water or sky but perhaps your mind can be too - I don't think memory storage is a problem...
  4. Vastitude A vast space is available in your thoughts for something new and further gratitude and love
  5. Immensity The immense power of love and forgiveness and hope cannot be overrated and practised
  6. Ubiquity Sometimes you see something that is always where you look and today might be no exception
  7. Perpetuity Over and over the theme of living in cycles spiralling towards perfection could be given some thought
  8. Enormity The universe is enormous but what is 10 times this - is this too enormous or ginormous???
  9. Beyond A day beyond today is all you will get for now as time is rationed daily for you to digest and take care of
  10. Boundlessness There are no limits to your thoughts of fun and peace so go out and live now for the better part of you
  11. Unlimitedness You are yourself unlimited - unlike a limited company selling wares from the lake of tears
  12. Eternity Forever and forever you could come back and still not realise it so have a look around for the clues
  13. Big Crunch At some point we may all come together but by then you have probably learned how to survive forever



continuum your time --

expanse normally land

vastitude a vast

Visual Novel


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