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Dear Readers

I created these tracks after I had a funky memories coming on! It makes me feel like I was back in the time when funk was king, with a twist...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Funk Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for a funky dance?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was specifically created for our recognition of the 1970s funk music, a fantastic time for varied music and a rebound from the 1960s.

Music that we now take samples from and work into our new grooving piece called 'Funk' made in the bleak month of February 2021.

The music is 70's based with some great slap bass grooves and classic 1970s disco sounds.


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  1. All Right Come on feel the mood - everything is alright!
  2. Dig It Get dancing get funking - dig it man!
  3. Psyche Don't try to psyche me out - come and jive with me!
  4. Good Night Just one last groove - then its good night and safe journey!
  5. Kosher Everything is feeling more and more in the groover - its Kosher!
  6. Tight I've spent all my money on dance gear - I'm feeling tight tonight!
  7. Wassup Hey man what are you doing - wassup?
  8. Yeah I like the track you like - yeh yeh yeh
  9. Emery Just like sand on the dancefloor - it's emery!
  10. Unzip Come one and get down - lets unzip to this tune!
  11. Your Mama For once I agree - your mama can dance better than you!
  12. Bunny Like a rabbit in a hole -let's do the bunny jive!
  13. Radical To be sure what we are doing tonight - is hardy radical!
  14. Mint Our dancing together can now be concluded - it's mint!
  15. Far Out Talk about relax - man I'm far out!
  16. Stoked After all this dancing and jiving - I'm stoked!


All Right

dig it get dancing --

psyche don't try to psyche me out

good night just one last

Visual Novel


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