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Dear Readers

I created these tracks after a weekend of hot sunny lazy weather. It makes me remember the buring sun and the potential of exploring a new weekend...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Weekend Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for a racy weekend?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was specifically created for a renewed pop weekend inspired from a lazy rare sunny day in England.

Music and samples and keys by Mark in our new pop piece called 'Weekend' made in the early month of May 2021.

The music is weekend dance based with driving bass grooves, pads, FX and lots of sequences of synthesizers!


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  1. Tic Tac Known as "Tic Tac" the local window cleaner was going about his business with his mad bike and trailer and leathers everywhere
  2. Blue Skies For days now blue skies had been the dome of choice for our hot summer ways - not even a few relief clouds did show
  3. Cirrus Wispy-like angels wings the cirrus reminds us all of the final lid of the skies as the sun beast down relentlessly
  4. Mellow The mornings were cooler and under the Silver Birch trees mellow moments could be had and enjoyed by every living creature on the planet
  5. Light Lunch In this heat all you ever wanted was a light lunch indeed sometimes a liquid lunch would do to re-hydrate and keep cool
  6. Sunny Meadows Looking across the dried-up grasses and the once green meadows you are reminded of past summers where it was so hot hot hot
  7. Shifting Sands Without much rain and water to flow the shifting sands started to solidify and become more like mud sculptures creeping down to the river
  8. Garden Flowers Out every day we watered the greedy garden flowers as there was no hose pipe ban yet in operation on our island surrounded by water
  9. Sunday Lunch The traditional Sunday lunch made way to nibbles and cool salads like it always did and should do as food makes us too warm in summer
  10. Transient Skies The skies would come and go like moods of a new relationship and I could hear the tunes on the radio phasing in and out
  11. Ambient Airways The tunes on the radio were sounding as though the sun itself was baking the very music away and enriching it with sweet echoes and reverb
  12. Funky Fields The final dance before the rains was performed on a sun-burned meadow to the sound of funk and loads of drums - summer was gone in an instance!


Tic Tac

blue skies for days now --

cirrus wispy-like angels

mellow the mornings

Visual Novel


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