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Dear Readers

I created this album after looking up some common chord progressions.Each track was written in a standard song pattern intro, verse, chorus, middle 8, verse, chorus, outro.On each part of the track, some instruments are muted to allow the other instruments to shine!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Want to hear music covering a set of progressions and song patterns?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "ABUT".

This album was created because we all must be somewhere.

Music, samples, and beats by Mark in a new ABUT collection called simply 'Somewhere' made in May/June 2024.

The music is based on common chords and common song structures with no track longer than 4 minutes.

Grab some headphones and listen to the structure and layers of ABUT's latest hit album!

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  1. Aspersions

    I'm dancing everywhere I don't know where to go I don't know who to talk to to call it what you may

    Aspersions on me

    Aspersions on me again

    How can I live like this?

    I've not got a clue

    will you be there?

    If not who will?

    Now trust just lies they're making it up they're making it all seem simple

    Aspersions - delusions of my mind

    Aspersions - never to be kind

    Aspersions dream and drift away just like the wind and sea they drift away oh aspersions

  2. For a Moment

    Silently we cry

    For a moment I saw all the glue in your eyes

    And I know you'll be here to try to test me in any way

    Do I have to say it again?

    Will I have to remind you of the times we had in the days and the rise of you?

    I thought I'd lost you

  3. Full of Song

    Some days I'm right

    somedays I wrong

    some days I've lied and some days I'm full of sun

    Working as the lyrics speaking for someone else making words twist and shout

    making your heads turn

    I sing for my supper the way I should I know I'll get the upper the song if sure

  4. Humankind

    I lie awake anticipating everything and through my mind all the thoughts of humankind

    I don't know anything at all humankind puzzles me every time I get a grip

    You are so kind to me today

    I don't know why

    something I've said?

  5. I'm Happy

    Don't tell me how don't tell me where don't tell me where don't tell me no tell me nothing

    I'm happy in love

    I'm happy right here I'm happy to live I'm happy so there

    You mention something I cant believe

    You tell me a truth oh why why conceive?

  6. It Still Goes On

    It's a tale of lightning scattering over the sea

    Imagined response to an almighty task

    In my time I've seen it all I can't believe it still goes on

    Rightly or wrongly I listened to my prayers

    sightly or lightly I think of the stairs

    All I have to do is have a wishing for the truth

    if you trust me

    Llisten now and it will be

  7. It's The Only Way To Go

    I don't know why the secrets in the sky something telling me something's about to change

    It's the only way to go secrets of a lesson I learned a lifetime ago

    It's a secret to be told lessons of a lifetime always there

    Always hiding there behind the trees or sea or clouds or sky

    Always hiding there for me and you

    I don't know if I've got the strength to let it go one time

    if only I can see senses and clear my mind

  8. Seaside God

    Have a think now about your life today tomorrow and now the difference is not as much as you seem as you want as you dream as you know

    Ferry across the waters of your life

    I hurry now there's no more time to waste

    Seaside gods waiting by the riverside

    Sorry I'm far away

    sorry I can't be there I can be there today or any day

  9. Some Say

    Dream says your life today

    See me always in a line

    It's the only way to play

    I watch him say there's nothing at all

    If we are to breathe

    we can't say anything more

    we always know our regular way

    some say it's true we like it by the way

    why can't it be you?

    Why can't it be now?

    Why can't it be me?

    Why can't I be free?

  10. Somewhere Afar

    Somewhere afar we lie alone

    Somewhere so far we cry together

    Time to wake up away from you

    Time to wake from this dream I'd like to see or dream now

    Somewhere afar someway so far away

    Far far far

  11. Somewhere In Time

    This time we can run together

    next week we can fly

    Somewhere in time a place is found that cages us

    Somewhere in time a face is right - I wait

    Nowhere's down nowhere's up take a fly

    take a sup

  12. Teach Me

    Lessons lessons every day

    Lessons lessons for every way

    Oh teach me teach me to be alive

    Teach me how to be alive again so I may see you now

    It's crazy that I know

    I want to see you home

    I'm feeling that I'm lost

    again its all this dust

    The secrets of our time

    waitings will be mine

    I don't where to go

    I just want you home

  13. Tell Me now

    It's all my tray I've so much work to do

    It's on my play I've so many things to do

    Tell me now if you love me?

    come is the day when we will lie

    What would be the supreme test of it all?

    How can we stay for the glue to all?


for a moment we --

full of song some days i'm right

humankind I lie