Does anyone want to know why I would want to ask if I could die here?
Anyone curious about how to get to this state of being?
Do you need you to hear the tale of an unattainable love with no future?
Does everything have to happen the way you want before you throw your toys out of the pram?
Is it important to get into this state just for the experience?
At some near point, you may feel the need to go somewhere remote and contemplate your future.
It may be that you can see no future or have no hope.
You may want to imagine if you could just dissolve into the land (e.g. die here).
This is a poem detailing the thoughts when visiting an isolated spot with no hope of further love.
It needed to be experienced and document so we can see that there is hope later on.
So for all means imagine the future but for goodness sake, remember that the present is all we have got.
It is always worthwhile hanging on, using distraction and growing past the moment into a new world.


If I Could Die Here

the white wind and ice --

come together and I feel

in this vast stretching

By Mark Anthony

This poem was written after I took a trip to a nature reserve at Gibraltar Point, UK.

It was cold, icy and desolate and my love for someone was not going as planned, nor would it ever I thought.

As I gazed at the icy creeks I wondered what it would be like to just die in this vast coldness.

And as I thought that, I had a vision of myself walking away from here to a warm comforting hotel room