Does anyone want to know what to think about our next stage of evolution?
Anyone curious about how to get further than the material life?
Do you need you to hear the tale of a future without bones?
Does it mean anything to be attached to our earthly medium?
Is it important to get mankind to the next stage before destruction?
At some point in the future, we may leave our earthly bones.
It may be personally or it may be the whole of mankind.
You may want to imagine you as pure thought, how can you live? how can you have fun?
This is a poem detailing the thoughts  about vast civilisations leaving their physical origins.
I don’t think we can imagine a future like that, but where is all the life in the universe then?
It may be worth thinking like this just so we may avoid it or be wary of the artificial intelligence that’s shadowing us.

Ready to pounce perhaps?



By Mark Anthony

I woke up suddenly after a dream and rapidly wrote this poem.

It was to be a set of lines weakly joined and no stanzas.

I watched as line after line came pouring out about us leaving our bones far behind.

This is not a poem about death but about thinking about it and the possible next stage of humanity.

On the positive side, researchers found that thoughts of death can lead to decreased aggressive attitudes, better health decisions, increased altruism and increased helpfulness and co-operation.