Anyone wanting to follow the continual ritual of wanting more?

Anyone also wanting to find out when it will be enough to satisfy us?.

Want a tale of us all waiting for the final moment when we will be happy, content and fulfilled?.

The poem “When Then”, asks at what point we will realise and know this.

Will it ever come or are our hopes and dreams the same as of aeons ago?.

Will our final release be the only thing we can focus on to be like the rocks and earth again?

The must be something more, there must be you may stamp.

Shout at the sky then, because we have what we have!.

This is a poem for documenting the continual regaining of desires and hopes.

We may need to know that we have not got forever.

Everywhere people are wanting more and more time but it slips away.

It may be important to know that once basic needs are fulfilled, new cravings can become hollow.


When Then

then the end of time --

the orbit of nations kept

story of all main

By Mark Anthony

I woke startled from a dream as usual and wrote this poem frantically.

The vision was of saying goodbye to everything, as though time was short.

The lonely thief of life was taking me over.

The when of the end should not be feared but kept in reserve.