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Dear Readers

I created these tracks to get some electronic music going during a dreary January! It makes me feel like the year had begun but not yet taken off...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm January Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for the cold northern month of January?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

The music is 80's based with some great bass grooves and drum machines.

This album was specifically created for the month of January, arguably the loneliest of months in the northern hemisphere.

It is a month to get over.

A month where new year's eve resolutions go pop and float away forever, or until next year.


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  1. Hold On Tight Make a new year's resolution and hold on tight using "willpower" - find a way to actually like the "new you"
  2. Moss Don't let any moss gather on your ideas this year - make them happen and make them a habit
  3. Walking If all else fails and you can't stick to your resolution - just go walking and walking
  4. Rider If it takes too much effort to "ride out" your inner complaints then do something - physical action to replace the thoughts
  5. Each Other Get a co-sponsor to help with your plans and hey - pain will be halved and glory doubled
  6. This Country I look around and know that I must succeed in this country - before I even dare to try another!
  7. Smoking See your ideas smoking - see them "cooking on gas" - like a well oiled machine
  8. Shining At the end of this month you may become a shining example of how to do things - or you may not yet have shone at all!
  9. Zillions Don't keep thinking about the zillions and zillions of times you have tried to change for the better and failed - this time is different
  10. Wedge Something somewhere will be trying to drive a wedge between you and your betterment - I can see them chopping a tree to make it!
  11. We Are Clouds At the end of the day we are just clouds of ideas and chemicals - so rise above everything you despise!
  12. Pile It On If you are that way inclined you can pile on the pressure to do well by taking challenges and getting sponsors - accountibility not be avoided!
  13. Obey Don't forget the rulebook on this month of challenges - don't forget to obey!
  14. Keep Smiling Even in the down times keep smiling as this itself will change the way you think - and the smiles may set!
  15. Dressing At some point you can dress to feel well as this makes it fun in a life of drab clothing - force behavioural changes!
  16. Crater The life you are leaving may leave a crater of lost friends and locations - keep moving until you find somewhere else
  17. The Horns The "horns of a dilemma" pop up now and then this month but don't forget why you made your possibly quivering resolution - no one else may care
  18. Silver Fish Keep your ideas close to your chest lest any silver fish steal them and take them to the bottom of the ocean - glub glub
  19. Final Trial The month's end is upon you - now it's time to get judged and pigeon-holed at your "final trial"
  20. Flatten It In the last few days of this cold month you have the opportunity to flatten out your rough future plans - go go go!
  21. One Medallion Now it's time to send off to the "grown ups" after your achievements - get that one medallion you have been after for years


Hold On Tight

moss don't let any --

walking if all else fails

rider if it takes

Visual Novel


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