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Dear Readers

I created these tracks after living in my town for some years!It gives every notable landmark there a tune and a special place in my memory...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Want to hear music fit for a journey around my town?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MASK".

This album was created from a selection of instrumentals from our earlier stuff.

The music is a mix of orchestral strings and synthesisers.

The album was created to accompany a walk around the author's small village some years ago.

The tracks reflect thoughts about some of features and buildings in the village .

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  1. Bridge

    I can see the bridge dominating the town as its medieval guardian

  2. Bungalow

    The bungalow is about to be knocked down after its use to give way for a car park

  3. Car park

    The car park is built over an Anglo-Saxon camp of interest and past tragedy

  4. Flood

    Most years my town is subjected to a major flood being on the river

  5. Garage

    The garage and its grumpy owner will soon make way for a supermarket

  6. Graveyard

    The graveyard is the place where named individuals can be rested and for others the municipal area out of town

  7. High street

    Once a bustling road years ago now the high street is now like a shrivelled-up stream

  8. Legion

    Proud and worthy men take their turns every Friday evening at the Legion club

  9. Meadow

    The meadow is nature's natural flood plain and in summer hosts families and water's frolics

  10. My town

    My town is a place to settle down and it is right in the middle of where we both work

  11. Public houses

    Each of the public houses of the town have their communities and guardians and this is their main point

  12. River

    The river Avon is one of most famous in the world and meanders through my town

  13. Roundabout

    Once a green field now there is a roundabout whose soul aim is to protect traffic from itself

  14. Supermarket

    The supermarket has grown from the ashes of the old garage to offer our people a mixture of reasonably priced goods

  15. The hill

    At one end of the town lies a hill that motorist speed to get up it or get it out of the way

  16. Trap

    On the trap facing the sun we throw bottles into the river and they come back to us with messages


bungalow the is --

car park the car park is built

flood most years my town