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Dear Readers

Here's a video about the red trees of Autumn.Taken from the MMM Album "Shades".Have a stroll by some trees and kick up the leaves as you walk.Come join in the fun in this Autumn wonderland!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Spring 1162355

Anyone wanting music for walking a path under the red trees of Autumn?

Or a tune for kicking up the dying leaves of a deciduous tree explosion?

Or when you need to think about things in life coming to a close?

Perhaps you are on this journey yourself and are looking back at years of red trees?

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Red Trees. Red trees, In the woods, Autumn is Here, With all its good. Red trees, All around, With all this sound, I'll sing for you. Red trees, With all its leaves, I'll kick and scream, Within my dream. Red trees, Red trees, Red trees, Red teaves Red trees...

Red Trees.

red trees in the woods --

autumn is here with all red

all around with all