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Dear Readers

Was out of town the other week and stuck in a miserable hotel looking at the window.The rain ran down the pane, I miss things, so I wrote to you this.

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone like to watch raindrops on a window pane?.

Or want some thoughts on the subject of rain drops as applied to the world?.

Or would like to see how animated rain on a featured image can look real?.

Or just want to be reminded of tears and raindrops?

Lightning from the Rain A piece of lightning came from the rain, It is now nowhere as if to share our pain, It's cleansing, freshening forceful strike, Will leave us together for one more night. The rain is sprinkling its juices across the land, Feeding our tightening hearts with might, As we learn from the strike what it all means, The rain and the lightning doth come again come. The sparking tingle of electric flare, Is buying and binding my very body hair, Creating a glowing fumbling aura, Crackling in the evening dark thunder. Of silver and white and flashing might, The swords from the sky slice and cut further, The rattling wet window panes struggle and flex, Battling again with the breathing-charged force. Slowly but surely the distance buys all, The drifting white sparkling taking its toll, With the wind and a fair promise it will beat down, The coast of another now feeling its pain. 7th April 2020

As the rain falls, it slowly builds up on my window pane.

As the drops get larger, they are pulled downwards to be replaced by smaller, younger drops.

Some things happen to them that makes changes and the particles will move and interact.

Nature's best way to look out of a window on a cold, is a wet Monday afternoon.

Look at the drops and then the far distance, then back again.

Sometimes we may insist they are not built out of anything smaller.

But it is tiny water molecules clinging together for life as a droplet.

Lightning from the Rain

a piece of lightning --

it is now nowhere as pain

it's cleansing forceful