Anyone want verse to teach them that a boring, dull day can be the normal?.

Or a poem for waiting in hope and waiting for something to happen?.

Do you need to know that waiting can be both tantalizing and excruciating?.

Or that everywhere where things seem to fall still and quiet and make you wait?.

Is it important to know the value of boredom followed by pain?.

Everything is going to plan and you are happy and optimistic.

Then comes a day when it all goes downhill.

At this point, a cold day can make all your feelings and thoughts worse.

You’ve lost someone, thing or hope.

You may even have lost a bit of yourself somehow.

Your mind is doing it though, not anyone else or thing.

Your ideas for the future are changing, morphing into something not readily recognisable…

Stuck to the Ground Hard the dull, cold day, The get you nowhere grip Of regular, levelling pace Mapped upon your face. Hard the dull, cold day When there's no one here to play Just breathing by yourself Thoughts quickening by the hour. It really is too restless And hurts to even think, That everything is here for me As partners in a dream. 19th February 1980


hard the dull cold day --

the get you nowhere of face

the dull cold day here

By Mark Anthony


I wrote this after again associating bad weather with pain.

A painful heart was matched by a very cold day with dull overcast skies.

Also – I’d recently read some philosophy of what it is to “be” and not know anything else.

Could it be that we are the only ones that really exist in out universes?

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