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Dear Readers

I created these tracks for some drone videos of landscapes, one day I may see them! It makes me feel like I can again fly above the clouds with this music...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Drone Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for a buzzing drone?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This albumwas specifically created for some of our new Drone videos.

The music is orchestral with some haunting melodies and strings to take to the air.

Notice how file theme music takes on darker and more speculative tones on this album.

The drone videos will be available at some point when we figure the best place to put them.


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  1. Your Flight is Enough Music for a scene where the drone has to come back to earth after not resolving the required romantic scene
  2. With Tears Again Music for an uplifting scene near the white clifftops where you have tears again
  3. Some Path Music for a path in the woodlands where you could walk but chose not to today
  4. Of Massacre Of Shadows Music for when shadows start to fight each other instead of realities and so cast similar shadows in your mind
  5. The Order Of The Cathedrals Music for a sweeping scene around some cathedral spires each like a gigantic towers of passion
  6. Mist Forest Music for being lost in a forest and there's a mist coming in to make you wet and feel dispair
  7. Eager Flow Music for when the sea is taking someone out to the depths of its very being with no concern at all
  8. Substance Music for when the substance of life itself is not enough and so you turn to the mind chemicals
  9. A Cedar Within Music for the strength of a man whose life has been turned upside down but is now realising his cedar within
  10. Some Echo Music for a lonely quarry where each echo whispers a truth much better than the last
  11. My Light Again Music for when you are back in town and must shine your light around for the people you had left behind
  12. No Reflection Music for you looking into a mirror and there is no reflection or steam
  13. The Winged Music for sighting the drone as a winged messenger not just to take cut scenes and satisfy our foibles
  14. Clouds Above Music for when we are flying high but there are still clouds above and so we can go higher
  15. End In Sight Music for when we are coming in to land after a long journey and looking forward to being home
  16. Get Up Flying Music for when the weather is bad but we want to get up flying and create fantastical imagery
  17. River Above Music for when we see the blue sky as a river between the clouds where we can legally fly
  18. Shadow Sky Music for when the sky casts shadows on the landscape so we can conjure up images of magnificence
  19. Tracking Station Music for our in-built tracking station now that the drone has gone out of sight
  20. Vultures Music for a scene where some vultures are circling for the final solution to the food problem
  21. Canopies From High Music for great pine trees standing tall in their dry soil and pointing to the sky like towers
  22. By Fortune Music for finding a pot of gold over the rainbow or is it just the trick of light from the camera angle?


Your Flight is Enough

with tears again scene --

some path music for a path

of massacre start

Visual Novel


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