This up to date Radio gallery showcases adventures into radio production and scheduling.

We created it so you can browse the static content of our non-commercial radio station “Radio POSOWOCO”.

You will find most stuff on the radio that are not part of any album collection.

Have a listen to some jingles from our light-hearted electronic Radio DJ “Charles”.

Some fun favourite talk and jingles used in between our music tracks on the radio.

Lots of the jingles are generated by our TTS package Balabolka using Charles, our posh English announcer.

Have a listen, and remember its all a bit of fun, not one morsel is to be taken seriously!

We thank and love and Certahosting for hosting and streaming the radio.

This is not yet a commercial radio station so its contents are meant for personal enjoyment.

Please enjoy the tunes and jingles, great with Bluetooth headphones on the go or a grotesquely loudspeaker system in the home!

Craft Your Sonic Realms

Non-commercial radio powered by Azuracast using the Apache license, version 2.0



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  1. A Day Too Long

    Radio poz a wo co

    playing the music we want for some years now

    and it don't seem a day too long





  2. Another great track

    Another great track from just one of the bands at poz a wo co studios

    the studios that bring you more fresh electronic music

    and yes

    yes more playlists than others as brothers

    and they let me do the voice stuff too!

    me of high standing in the community

    your very own uncle Alan




  3. Busy Busy Bee

    Oh what fun

    it is

    to be

    a busy busy busy bee

    that's right

    just like the creators at poz a woco

    the guys and their bands are hard at it...

  4. Dance to Our Music

    Whilst listening to this station

    Don't forget the motion

    and get on dancing

    get on prancing

    and just move to radio

    pozz a wo co

    and our luvly music ic ic ic ic ic

    It's been a while crocodile...

  5. Don't you say a thing

    Don't you say a thing about our mark and dave

    They're profffesshnalls...

  6. Early in the morning

    Early in the morning

    Just as the day was dawning

    I lie awake

    I feel a pain

    I turn towards the picture

    The one just by the mirror

    I start to feel

    I start to die

    But then

    quite soon

    I Turn on my Radio poz a wo co

    and every thing is fine again...

  7. Help keep us ad-free

    Help us keep our radio station

    ad- free

    sponsor us on paytreon dot com

    or why not buy us a coffee on ko-fi dot com forward slash poz a woco

    It only takes a minute

    for all to fall in love...

  8. Legless

    Some days I can't even find a friend

    Out to share my only lifelong aim

    Even when I try to get around

    Someone always say so but let's go

    But then

    quite soon

    quite fast

    I Turn on my Radio poz a wo co

    and every thing is fine again...

  9. Lost Weight

    Since I started dancing to radio

    pozz a wo co

    I have lost 48


    pounds.These days I'm just waiting for a little slice of silence

    waiting for the right moment

    to begin the begin all over again.

  10. Meditation Instructions

    Don't forget

    From within our website

    you can add some relaxing sounds and meditation backgrounds

    As you listen to our radio station

    Our Mark ses its great! and does the job!

    whoo hoo!!!!...

  11. More Music

    Radio poz a wo co

    Playing more music

    more sounds

    more fun

    than deemed possible by sentient beings from distant worlds...

  12. Musical sound well

    Fact of the day

    Radio poz a wo co

    Gets its music by drawing from a musical sound well

    from deep in Warwickshire


    What will todays bucket contain?


    or dancing pain?...

  13. Number One Station

    Radio poz a wo co

    your number one radio station

    playing 24/7

    from Stratford On Avon in England upon sea...

  14. Ready Steady go go

    Radio Poz a woco?

    ready steady go go?

    and don't be blaming our mark and dave if you've missed something?

    everything comes around again!...

  15. Remember a time

    remember a time when? boredom was king?

    well? not anymore?

    poz a wo co is here?

    raise your glass? or smile at the sun? and have one on us? or get a voucher from the future?...

  16. Rock rock rock

    You're listening to Radio poz a wo co

    A complete non-commercial radio station offering music around the clock


    So rock rock rock...

  17. Seaside

    Once took a ride to the sea

    I felt that I would be good

    When I arrived I would see

    So it was

    So it was

    But it was not Radio poz a wo co

    So I put on my headset

    and turned up the volume...

  18. Secret

    It's hard to tell

    Games are for children

    If I'm to choose

    Any moment of my life

    I Turned on Radio poz a wo co

    At least eight times a day

    And every thing is fine

    The airwaves are mine

    And its my little secret...

  19. Six men went to mow

    six men went to mow?

    went to mow a meadow

    six men went to mow?

    went to mow a meadow

    yes if they had known? and known earlier

    it would have been easier

    much easier

    to listen to poz a wo co or their luvly music

    ohh you comin via the door rita?...

  20. Stumbled

    You may have stumbled onto Radio poz a wo co

    But perhaps you may not want to stumble off after sampling our wares

    And seeing our fares

    none to be exact...

  21. Track after track

    Hello to you lucky listeners

    My name is uncle Alan.All I do here is commentwink and nudge

    and wait forthe next track

    after track

    after track

    after track...

  22. Visit our website

    visit our website at poz a wo co dot com

    and take your pick of all the groovy music you hear on here

    you won't regret it

    regret it regret it

    you won't forget it

    forget it forget it...

  23. Wasted

    What are these thoughts you're just not showing

    Could they be the undertow of love?

    I can wait for Sunday

    I can wait till June

    But I can't wait until Radio poz a wo co

    Is ringing in my


    yet again...

  24. We hear you knocking

    we hear you knocking

    and you can

    come in







  25. Welcome-ashamed-poems

    Welcome to poz a wo co



    worlds and correspondence


    yes lots of music

    so much that it makes us ashamed to hide it so we didn't...

  26. What was before is now no more

    What was before is now no more

    what is ahead

    no one can know

    what is today who can say?

    but listen to us on poz a wo co

    and enjoy the present moment with a nice cup of tea or other drink

    aaaahh noo

    the car over there is mine sir...

  27. What's that sound?

    Another day

    another radio station

    But wait

    what's that sound?

    it's coming

    it's getting nearer

    Its Radio poz a wo co

    and you

    yes you

    have been found out...

  28. You're listening to our radio station

    You're listening to our radio station

    we hope you linger longer on poz a wo co

    come and go go...

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