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Dear Readers

I created these tracks for an English Generational Event in September 2022. Each track has been crafted by my programming and chord theory knowledge.So sit and meditate to ABUT's first album with many more to come!!!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Want to hear music fit for a generation?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "ABUT".

This album was created for a very English September 2022.

All tracks bar the drums were MIDI by Mark in our new autumn collection called 'Generation' made in September 2022.

The music is strings and pad based with some choirs, basses and sequencers!

A walk or a march down memory lane and some powerful pads and choirs is all you need.

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  1. The Preventers

    The preventers are assigned the duty to guard the event and all of its people, could it be their final task?

  2. A Requiem

    Medium happy tune for mourning a huge loss of a generation.

  3. The Castle Walls

    The walls will keep out the uninvited and troubling.

  4. A Magical Ending

    A magical ending to a magical beginning.

  5. The Worst Days

    Sometimes we are best on our worst days.

  6. For Many Years

    We have lived this way for as many years as we can remember.

  7. A Happy Fairway

    On the fairway we had happy moments of a parade.

  8. The Procession

    The band strikes up and the procession is underway.

  9. The Silent Days

    We spent a whole month not talking to each other in the way we did.

  10. A Home Again

    Once a faraway place now is home again.

  11. The Last March

    The march begins and ends on a rainy cloudy grey day.

  12. A Kind Of Trust

    If anything in the world will do for me it is a kind of trust.

  13. A Life Forever

    We have but one life forever and ever and ever.

The Preventers

a happy tune huge --

the castle wallsthe walls keep

magical ending