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Dear Readers

I created these tracks a few years ago with manic crying vocals and harmonies the sounds. On this release I have removed the vocals and re-masterd the overall sound. So go and listen to the undulating and twisting sounds of this 2016 album!!!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mask Wake Up Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for your wake up call in life?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MASk".

Music, samples and beats by Mark (a.k.a. MASk) in our 2016 instrumental and re-mastered piece called 'Wake Up' made in 2016.

The music has some weird synths and crazy bass rhythms but you are sure to enjoy.

The vocal version is even dafter!

"My mood is changing daily, I'm in a kind of frenzy, I don't know how to deal with it, it's something never seen".


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  1. Robust ArgumentsProducing robust arguments when exchanging logic and reason to back up your case
  2. The NestThe nest is where you live and possibly work and feel safe
  3. PigstyMaking a mess of everything and living in it can sometimes be called a pigsty (one word)
  4. Time TimeOnly time and more time can heal some things so make sure you get it right
  5. WelcomeWelcome to your life as every day can be your first and last
  6. A Kind of FrenzyI'm in a kind of frenzy but don't know how I got to this state or how I can get out of it
  7. Tiger Tonight I feel like a tiger tonight, I feel special and alive but don't know why
  8. Dreams Are HereDreams are here to keep so cherish them and re-enact them if they bring you good
  9. Keep On Living Sometimes the only thing is to keep on living, better times are on the way
  10. Getting To The TruthAfter talking to you for 2 hours I think we're getting to the truth
  11. It's Starting To ShowBeyond a few weeks my love is starting to show and so sorry if yours is not
  12. Wake UpEveryone wake up! can't you see what's happening to the world - Wake up!!!
  13. So BigYou think you're so big but you act so small


Robust Arguments

the nestthe nest is --

pigstymaking a mess can

time timeonly

Visual Novel


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