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Dear Readers

I have compiled a list of instrumental tracks from over the last few years. This is the collection I came up with. Notice how clean and raw sounding they are! all done with love.

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mask Instrumentals Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for casual listening?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MASK".

This album was created from lots of past albums where there wer no vocals involved.

The music is based with pads, basses and strings from ages past!!!

So sit back and let the old instrumentals wash over you like a hot summer wave.


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  1. PeachesGet your peaches and cream!
  2. GlobalThe global movement is everywhere
  3. UiguisuThe creature that will wow your heart
  4. DesertA hot desert and lots to do!
  5. Hot PotThanks for the hot pot, Betty!
  6. InterludeOnce in a while we deserve an interlude
  7. BarmanHe collects the glasses
  8. ChoiceI need to be given a choice in this people!
  9. Wait For ItJust wait for it and welcome the lo-fi
  10. User's GuideI found a guide to life but it was too late - drat!!!
  11. See You FriendsAnd now it's goodbye - see you friends later!
  12. EndAt the end we will all meet and get our deserts...



globalthe global --

uiguisuthe creature that wow

deserta hot lots

Visual Novel


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