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I created these tracks after thinking about the concept and experience of a cruise. The ship is a city in itself and can transport us to other worlds or just sail around and around. Some of us just don't want to get off...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Cruise Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for a long slow cruise?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was specifically created for a cruise inspired from thoughts about a summer on board a large liner destined to sail around the U.K. waters.

Music, samples and VOX by Mark in our new pop piece called 'Cruise' made in the summer month of August 2021.

The music is weak chill-out based with grinding pads and grooves, repetitive one -line vocals, FX and lots of reverb and echo to give it space!

Sit back on your cruise!


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  1. Cruise it's time to do the thing you always wanted to do and so now you are finally taking that cruise perhaps late in life
  2. Port Side Some other lines are passing you on the port side and you can't resist waving even though you know no-one on the magnificent vessel
  3. Full Steam As you see some new young couple enjoying themselves you think "Full steam ahead - time to get wed" - if only you had...
  4. Astern As you float off to distant lands you look astern at the things you are leaving behind
  5. Looking To Shore Some days you will not go into any port and are left on the deck looking to shore and wondering about the life there
  6. Going Away You have told everyone you are going away but not what in or on - why did you come alone?
  7. Drifting Tides In and out of ports you travel and don't even notice the drifting tides that come and go beneath you
  8. On Deck Walking about on not such a nice day you are on the deck trying to work out the aft from the stern and to get the captain's attention for a dinner invite
  9. City Afloat Walking around the cruise ship you are reminded of a huge floating moving city!
  10. More Than A Ship Once on board this gigantic cruise liner you are struck with the fact that it is much much more than a ship to you
  11. Waves & Waves Some days there is no land in sight just waves and waves and waves everywhere you look and especially in rough seas
  12. Islands Eventually you will come across some strange islands with customs and life so alien to yours you may gasp
  13. Sun Seeker It was the promise of the sun that lead you to this point but after a while you realise it wasn't that at all
  14. Floating The ship is floating on the sea and you are floating in its swimming pool trying to forget or relive the past



port side some other --

full steam as you see some new

astern as you float

Visual Novel


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