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Dear Readers

In the letter below are the ramblings of a young man confused by dreams and fooled by love and promises!I wrote it in dribs and drabs during a few morning after dream experiences.The poem also tells the story of the anticipation of the evenings events...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Ever heard the thoughts of someone waking up after a dream?

Or that they are now not knowing who or where they were?

Or that this time something has really happened and they have forgotten real-life?

What about the evening before and its hopes of the future?

Voluntary Evening What light will shine upon this eve? With its merry promise of light and dance, With its free sketch and hold on chance, As we think about our fertile thoughts. What sounds will ring around this night? With its anchor upon the silent night, With its beats and rhythm all so tight, As we pre-arrange our moving dance. What hope will grab this end of day? With its tempting promising greedy eyes, With its secret smile and thoughtless lies, As we think about the ending games. And so to yet another voluntary evening, We are turning down the tide of reason, We are switching off the logic treason, We are being alive for just this season. 26th January 2023

Life One Voluntary Evening.

Look at me,

I am writing today along very special lines,

It's what makes my edges so apparent,

The story of my dreamy childhood,

Part one.

The child is today putting on,

His very special public smile,

For us all to see and admire,

So it's not very hard to see who's fooling who.

A mystery perhaps unfolding,

So very neat and peaceful,

Once that was now turned to a jumbled mess,

Was it hard to accept that the world was now and real?.

Opening up to be me,

Could I have seen it in that dark cold playful garage?

What was I to now believe,

In the history of my childhood?

Part one.

Came home today and played in the woods,

So good sometimes to be a small age,

No horrid deadly thoughts passed through my head,

Just a desire for more fun.

It's time to go in now,

Watch TV,

And go to bed,

And let the cinema show begin.

Morning arose,

I got up and had breakfast,

and slowly went to school,

In the story of my childhood,

Part one.

Everything seems so strange on days,

And perhaps I know nothing or everything,

Who will tell me or will I just find out by myself?

In seeing the world unroll unfurl?.

Dear sir or madam,

Your current child is trying very hard,

And working sometimes very well,

I hope you will help him along the firing line.

It could have happened perchance on a cold walk home,

One dark evening from a new school,

I could have realised who I was,

Was I ever who I was?.

Tea-time was enrichment food time,

After which I knew

I would beg for mercy from the night gods

To bring me peace and closure.

Oh these dreams that hit me,

They knocked me from side to side,

They even took my love and stretched it,

I would pace up and down and then settle down for the evening.

It doesn't seem to make sense to my thought waves,

What was going on again and again?

I couldn't hold onto it then I could,

Riding home with my mind crowd all gathered.

All of me was wanting another chance,

Was I was chosen to be the bringer of madness to earth?

All at once I was standing up from the crowd,

In the history of my childhood,

Part one.

The love for you my dear grows stronger every day,

It grows longer every time you are away,

We'll keep on working until one day I'll say,

Come take my hand and we'll melt together.

You'll be bound and live with Mark

Why me and why now,

What gifts do I possess or will I possess?

Can they be what I've thought of all these years?.

No more internal questions.

They aren't even seeing any sense,

Be away with peace be away with joy,

Fun in the heart and love in the soul.

The years grow shorter now I'm much older,

The peace of Autumn and the heat of summer almost overlap,

When I was small a year was a mighty tack,

A flaming stretch of time and thought.

Now the world is speeding past,

And living is becoming harder for the calm soul,

To make the most of our times and empty spaces,

There is no room for un-enjoyment or cold temperament.

We must use our empty time,

Like a rare mineral,

And sing when we are happy

But still, please the gods.

Hold tight please hold on tight,

Here we go again so turn on the projector,

On our trip to an unknown measure and beat,

I'll always look forward to it though.

I walk one brisk winter morn,

The bitter wind upon a snow-swept town,

Our house is just up the road,

It is good it is blessed and very very clean.

The coldness disappears as we enter the hallway,

Walking to the room of central humanity,

The fire glowing brightly and warm then hot,

A hammer is hammering oh it's my heart again.

I must also hold on for peace we must try,

But we know we've seen it all before,

So this is what my childhood was pointing to,

Those restless nights.

It was no good when the sun became here on earth,

The moon saw no sign that it would start all over again,

Where I did not know?

Our house is long gone but the blessing still there.

The sun had just rose when,

An almighty wave of burning fear hit my dear land,

People wept and never ever wanted to see again,

It was too much trouble and too much to repair.

I'm speaking of course,

From a higher place than home,

I'm talking from my childhood,

I'm back there again.

Here we go once more,

Take your places for the cinema evening ride,

Hold on and stay calm,

In the history of my childhood,

Part one.

20th July 1981

Voluntary Evening

what light shine upon --

with its merry promise light

its free sketch and hold