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POSOWOCO Correspondent!
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Dear Readers

You can't believe how hot it is here.It's 43 degrees Celsius and climbing.The dryness gets to you eventually.And we cooked some eggs on the car bonnet!!!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Vacation 149960

Anyone wanting a simple non-talking day by the sea?

A tune for the easy whistling life of dunes clouds and sea?

Do you need a sound for the land where nothing can grow?

Or perhaps in the dunes by the sea on a warm August afternoon?

Hot & dry This music Accompanies the survival of a group of wondering people. Fresh Trom their wet and dark countries they arrive at a mighty desert by accident of aviation. To get through The experience and survive, They must resort to travel by night and shade by day. Thus preserving their water and resources for an unending journey.

Hot & dry

this music the group --

fresh trom their wet and dark get

the experience must

Desert By night they must travel, And by day they must burrow, To save the seeping force, Of their life and sight. Onward towards the empty line, And up and down and down and up, The walking harder than ever, As they fade into the yellow. The desert is not a place for all, And those that stay will fill their boots, And walk amongst the lonely roots, Of sand and sand and rock. 6th May 2019