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Dear Readers

I created these tracks whilst playing about with a voice synthesizer in May/June 2023. Each track has been artistically layered to bring out new chords and melodies.So, sit and listen to ABUT's second album and its haunting Alter/Ego voices!!!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Want to hear music with a vocal synthesizer?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "ABUT".

This album was created for a very warm May/June 2023.

All tracks by Mark in our new summer collection called 'Ego' made with the Alter/Ego VX Synthesizer.

The music is strings and pad based with some choirs, basses and of course a voice Synth!

Listen to haunting voices from "Tarzan" and consider your ego as a second-self helper or hinderer?

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  1. Dance With Me

    Dance with me tonight please; I dare not ask but will hope i am right now; Please please please; Identify love as a force...

  2. My Mate

    The Time is now; I know it is; You are my mate; For all of my life...

  3. Tarzan

    I am Tarzan walking through the jungle of life...

  4. Last March

    Marching through the streets I take a look at all the people looking at me...

  5. He She It

    He she it them yes no when where how who...

  6. A Night Unseen

    I'll walk towards a night unseen; I'll be so happy and speak so clean; I'll even give my smile away; I think of these life-struck words...

  7. Let Me Talk

    Let me talk to you now...

  8. Alter Ego

    Select your alter ego; Where ever it doth go; Let me know let me know...

  9. Rocket

    Rocket to the moon it cannot come too soon no; Spoon the Luna surface today...

  10. Second Self

    Listen to my second self; Listen to my heart and health...

  11. Victor

    At the end you will be the victor...

  12. Follow

    Follow your alter ego...

Dance With Me

my mate the time is --

tarzan I tarzan walking

last march marching through