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POSOWOCO Correspondent!
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Dear Readers

I just had some thoughts about our lovely summertime.I sat still whilst I carved out the facts of our loudest season.I wanted to give you a feel for the summer.So that you could look back on a cold winter's morn!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Watercolour 3746675 1920

Does anyone like to hear the musings of summer?

Or want some thoughts about the loudest of all of our seasons?

Perhaps you may be wondering why I am making such a fuss about a particular part of the year?

Or do you just want to hear about the beauty and activities of our hottest days?

The Loudest Season Summer is the loudest season, Hot and flowered without reason, Timed and green in every way, Farmers smile and lovers sway. Summer has the birds of new life, Singing bringing days its bright wife, High and low as swoop they go, Calling shouting just like so. Summer leaves the sun now in charge, Feeling warm on small floating barge, Ready to begin the locks, And all for feeling life clocks. Summer dries the wet river's thread, And tries to see the water's bed, The windy trees smile and sway, On this a sane hot new day. Summer leaves the dry beach in bake, And all the lovers eating cake, When tide and sea bring the cool, And make us hot panting fool. Summer is the loudest season, It's siblings know there sits treason, Love to cook the summer pride, One day to find me inside. 14th July 2024

I thought about summer being the loudest of all of our seasons.

About the birds and their songs and trying to identify which song belonged to which bird.

I thought about the sun now taking charge after the rest of the year is stewarded by rain, wind, and clouds.

I thought about the time I had seen a dried-up river bed and a reservoir in Derbyshire with a small village building revealed.

My thoughts then turned to the baking beach where we worship the sun and have fun in the sea.

All in a whirl of life all this happens and perhaps many times four you.

I then imagined the summer's siblings Spring and Autumn begin annoyed, even treacherous to Summer.

And mused that each would brag about their mark on the world.

Summer does not mind though it is beyond such talk

So let's enjoy a bit of high-pressure peace for a while

And listen to the birds...

The Loudest Season

summer is the timed --

farmers smile and lovers sway

has the birds of new