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Dear Readers

I created these tracks after recently completing a sailing course.Each track was written from an 80s riff according to the parts of a sail boat.So get down to your local sailing club and talk with the Commodore using these terms and tunes!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Want to hear music discovering the world and parts of a sailboat?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was created for the demanding technical knowledge of a sailing..

Music, samples and beats by Mark in our new 120 bpm 80's collection called simply 'Sail' made in October 2023.

The music is 80's based with FX and lots of sailing!

A nice walk around the local lake or coast and a chance to identify the parts of a sailboat before your lessons!

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  1. backstay

    long lines or cables

    reaching from the rear of the vessel to the mast heads

    used to support the mast

  2. boom

    a spar used to extend the foot of a for-and-aft sail

  3. centreboard

    a removable keel used to resist leeway

  4. cunningham

    a line invented by Briggs Cunningham

    used to control the shape of a sail

  5. downhaul

    a line used to control either a mobile spar

    or the shape of a sail

  6. forestay

    long lines or cables

    reaching from the front of the vessel to the mast heads

    used to support the mast

  7. gunwhale

    the upper edge of the hull

  8. halyard

    ropes used for hoisting a spar with a sail attached; today

    a line used to raise the head of any sail

  9. jib

    a triangular staysail at the front of a ship

  10. kicking strap

    a set of blocks and lines or an adjustable pole used to pull the boom down and shape the sail also called a boom vang

  11. mainsail

    the primary sail used for propulsion. The mainsail is also usually the largest sail on the boat

  12. mainsheet

    the mainsail control line used to control the angle of the boom

    and thereby the mainsail

  13. mast

    a vertical pole on a ship which supports sails or rigging

  14. outhaul

    a line used to control the horizontal shape of a sail

  15. rudder

    one of the primary controls of a sailboat - when the boat moves forward through the water

    the rudder causes friction on one side and changes the direction of the boat

  16. shroud

    the standing rigging running from a mast to the sides of a ships

  17. spreader

    a spar on a sailing boat used to deflect the shrouds to allow them to better support the mast

  18. tell-tale

    a piece of yarn or fabric attached to a sail

    used as a guide for trimming (adjusting) a sail

  19. tiller

    attached to a rudder that provides leverage in the form of torque to turn the rudder

  20. transom

    the flat surface forming the stern of a boat


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centreboarda keel used

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