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POSOWOCO Correspondent!
To Sender

Dear Readers

I found these tracks the other day, almost forgotten!It made me think of the time when music was delivered to me like parcels of joy...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Meadow 5605854 1920

Want to hear music fit for wrapping parcels?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MASK".

This album was created from a selection of instrumentals from our earlier stuff

The music is a mix of orchestral strings and synthesisers.

Image being by a river perhaps feeding the ducks.

Turn on the "Walkman" and then listen to these so-called lo-fi tracks.

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  1. About this Time of Day

    I receive a regular parcel from home with some treats wrapped in pretty paper

  2. Plenty Of Reasons

    There are lots of reasons to keep my little piece of love alive

  3. Busy Bee

    I've been a right busy bee in collecting stuff for your jumble sale

  4. Tubes

    What was once working has now gone down the tubes so I will throw it away

  5. Bitter Sweet

    Some memories about our time at work are bitter sweet

  6. Release

    Please release me from your smiling gazes

  7. Quiet Today

    I got in early to work and it's all quiet - perhaps it will continue this way

  8. Surf The Waves

    I'd rather be surfing the waves thane the doom scrolling web content

  9. Be Natural

    My plan is to be more natural and to do that I will desist from artificial flavours

  10. Together Again

    After all this time it is goo that we are together again

  11. Parcels

    My life has come in little parcels - one by one they give me strength and keep me tall...

About this Time of Day

plenty of reasons --

busy bee i've been a right

tubes what was once now