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Dear Readers

I created these tracks after thinking about the endless nature of life and everything that matters. Gratitude as the secret tool to having endless joy and fulfilment. So go and tell everyone about the endless nature of life and peace...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Endless Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for the endless cycle of life?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was created for the idea that everything may be endless both physically and imaginary.

Fun too can be endless as you start to give gratitude for every day of your life back to the universe.

Music, samples and VOX by Mark in our new chillout piece called 'Endless' made in the autumn month of September 2021.

The music is beat-based chill-out with haunting pads and rhythms, a smidgen of brass, FX and lots of reverb and stereo mixing to give it width!

Give gratitude on your endless journey of life, it may begin again at any point!


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  1. Endless The endless cycle of everything is the only explanation for a seamless universe or so it seems
  2. Temptation Life is full of temptations and some of them you must give in to
  3. Deserted Sometimes you feel deserted of feelings and purpose and the will to go on but it is all in vain
  4. The Passion Look for a passion in life as it will have to be done again and again so you may as well get it right
  5. Lines Your life may be governed by the lines you take in and put out like a fishing trip in a cool deep lake
  6. Water Water The Elixir of life water is the only thing you tend to skimp on and it is so wrong as it's most of your body
  7. Terror Maybe the small hours of the morning bring terror to your heart as you fritter away the bones of existence or not
  8. Smoking Gun Look for evidence in the cracks of time and space until you find a smoking gun
  9. Fireworks There are some times in your life when there are literally fireworks everywhere and you slowly forget these invincible moments
  10. Special You are special and don't let anyone or anythings say otherwise
  11. And Again You come into the world as you did before to start your life and maybe change it for the better this time?
  12. Time For Bed When you are tired of everything for the day its time for bed and time to dream time to be grateful
  13. Bosses Business You are at work and you are doing tasks so you are doing the boss's business
  14. Edge Of The World Surely and slowly you are moving towards the edge of your world
  15. Keep The Flame Day after day you may perform the habits you always have but you must always keep the flame of wonderment alive
  16. Loop Again you wake up not knowing if you have dreamt or if you have entered your life at this point from another death
  17. Forever You are you forever and there is nothing that can take that away from you as its up to date now



temptation life is --

deserted sometimes feel

the passion look

Visual Novel


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