Autumn's shades

the space around heads --

full of our limits and force

of our times and paths

By Mark Anthony

I wrote this poem during autumn about the sadness and beauty of my favourite season.After a sweltering mad summer, Autumn is giving us space to prepare for the next part of the year.

After all we have done and worried about its time to take a deep breath and relax.

Our hopes and dreams may have already come to and by this time of year.

Thinking of time as a stream is good knowing we can’t go back and change things only improve our “next” race.

As always, at the edge of this time, our lives are thawing out as we get older.

Autumn is the season to be grateful and gather resources for the winter.

Winter will come soon enough and will be quite different to this beautiful season.

The golden leaves, calm weather of an English forest and meadow in Autumn.

Cool now after the time stealing sun rays…