Anyone want to see the viewpoint of a slow-moving, extremely time based evolutionary creature who’s life is long enough to witness aeons of history?.

Or read a poem for the realisation, that some things take forever to happen, but they will?.

Do you need to understand our long living friends and care as much for them as you do for smaller creatures and friends?.

Is it everywhere that your life turns into a clash between short term and long term.

Is it important to know where you stand with respect tour expectations of your footprint on this evolving earth?.

The rock man is a strange lonely creature.

He sits up on high, somewhere in the peak district of the land.

He has risen from the sea’s depths to befriend the creatures and life around him.

Things are changing though, even he can notice the extra heat and rains.

One day he imagines he will be below water in the cool again.

This is a poem about an unrecognisable slow lane of life for him.

The environment living out its effects on his well-being.


Rock Man

up on the hills rock --

playing games with the wild legs

his mind is like child

By Mark Anthony

During my days as a child, my father would take me to a local national park, the environment was rugged and would hit the imagination.

Here sat huge towers of rock looking like one on top of another as though a living beast, I was small and vulnerable.

I wondered then what if rock was alive but living on an awfully long time scale at slow speeds as a ‘thing’.

This rock man would witness all of natures rise and all of mans folly until we learned to live with the earth.