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Dear Readers

Here's a poem about bullying.Some words on life itself being the bully.Some thoughts on an internal force or conflict.But will life bully me about my love for you?

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Does life itself bully us into doing things?

Perhaps you think I mean in breathing and eating?

Or just the things we have to do within our society day in day out?

Does it bully us to survive or to thrive?

Does life the bully ignore the known unknowns or makeup lies that can be seen through with enough thought and reflection?

Is life a bully and how could you possibly tell?

Life The Bully Life the bully is coming for me It is coming for you as a daily sweet It is not wanting stillness or pause or to be And comes morn or night or in a dreaming flee. As if chasing food and liquor and sun It wants and it broods quicker and quicker fun It waits and it jumps and leaps at your bones Terror and heaps of loving it moans. Sometimes it smiles and it fakes its reprise But only a while will you fool its dim eyes It waits and it takes and it claims all your time For those who shun pain and those who drink wine. Life the bully is pushing probing and shoving Making us do thing things like running and loving We don't really need to get higher and done With all the mind game rewards from its gun. An instance of pleasure in time and in space Perhaps behind cooling pricey vine chase Perhaps leading us on for a final full trance Of tempting us to yield our liberty dance. And it gives us nothing to forget about in life Or forget about the future in brooding strife It knows that the upcoming days are not safe An abyss of a promised mountain as your waif. Life the bully will never let go and be slow Even in death we will continue to sow but not show Even in sunlight we glow and we grow and must miss Even in moonlight a song and a game and a kiss. Life the bully is an ushering marshalling mess Guiding us around our mind built pens to bless Thinking us all to be the same not unique All along did not see through its sneaky bleak squeak. 25th March 2022

I wrote this poem after early morning thoughts about what makes us do things in life

I had the idea that it is life itself that bullies us into doing things.

Also, if we were not here, we would be like the rocks and sea bullied by physics and force fields.

It can mean though, ignoring the free will and letting yourself go in the sea of life.

Trusting to forces of friends, governments and nature, floating on a sea of bullying forces.

Confronting life itself is the only way as it is with bullies.

Getting meaning and having a direction in life is ultra-important so that you can steer a course.

Becoming educated and compassionate about all things you can know is a great way to start confronting the bully.

Life The Bully

life the bully is --

it is coming for you sweet

is not wanting pause