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Dear Readers

I recently dug these unknown BAIB tracks created in January 2020! These tracks did not make it onto the Streams album but I think you'll agree with me that they belong on their own...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Airbus 159588

Want to hear music fit for a dry way of life?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "BAIB".

This album contains relaxing instrumental cinematic guitars and rhythm tracks.

Imagine taking some time to stop doing the things you think you shouldn't.

This music was created for dry January reflections and actions!

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  1. Caught

    Caught out yet again by subtle changes and effects

  2. Cravings

    Withstand the cravings using a brand new alternative idea

  3. Dry

    A dry month free from liquids of our worlds

  4. Fool

    Have I been a fool to agree to the mind washing?

  5. I Have Control

    Now I have control do I really want to let it slip away?

  6. I'll Say Something

    Something that really matters to me and I'm going to tell you now

  7. My Part

    Everything plays its part in life and I played mine well

  8. My Past Self

    Looking back I can see the transformation and adaptation I have gone through

  9. Nothing To Forget

    I would forget it all but there was nothing there really

  10. Sporadically Inventive

    Now and then when its quiet I will become inventive before the day wakes up

  11. Squander

    Spending my earthly resources should not be part of life

  12. The Plan

    I have a plan for now but for life who knows?

  13. Unlamented Flame

    A flame that has now died out will not be missed


cravingswithstand brand --

drya dry month free from worlds

foolhave I been fool