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Dear Readers

I created these tracks in memory of my childhood trips to the east coast of England. It makes me feel like the music should have been there with me then...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm East Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for an east coast holiday?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was specifically created for pop music inspired from our early trips to the east coast of England.

Music that we now take samples from and work into our new pop piece called 'East' made in the early month of April 2021.

The music is pop based with some synth lines and driving bass grooves with pads, FX and lots of sequences!


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  1. Night Before The night before my holiday my mind was full of anticipation of events to come and adventures to begin
  2. Setting Off All on board our car with all of its luggage and all the family and of fuel by the pound to get us there
  3. Journey A sometimes fast sometimes slow journey had us driving through the rural roads to the sometimes end of earth look of the east coast
  4. Arrival We were there at last and had to go and get the keys for our home for the week - it didn't seem so long ago we were in the busy city
  5. Unpacking We helped unpack the car and placed supporting items into the small chalet and left our holiday things in the boot
  6. New Home So there we were in our new home for the week and new beds and I had to choose where I would call my own
  7. First Night Different smells and different noises as I drifted off to sleep into a new cozy world and hopefully new reality
  8. Very Early I awoke very early so dad and I took a sneak trip to the seafront and had an early morning cuppa - the sun was coming up
  9. Provisions Needing something to sustain us during the days and nights we strolled into the local provision shop selling food and all manner of seaside "must haves"
  10. Beach Fun The first day was sunny and we were on the beach dashing in and out of the sand dunes and growling restless sea
  11. The Dinghy Our dinghy "Sneaky Pete" was armed and ready with a long rope to take us into the roaring foaming east-coast waves
  12. Sandwiches Again The next day it was sandwiches again on the beach and they literally took their name from the golden east coast sands - later we made friends with other children and went on the swings
  13. The Kite Back at the camp dad had loaded our apollo moon kite with all manner of spades and buckets to keep it flying stable in the stiff warm summer breezes - the pop tunes ringing out on the radio
  14. Buckets & Spades We had the chance to take our buckets and spades and make the most realistic machines on the beach like something to sit in and fly or channels and walls into the sea
  15. Tired & Happy The last night I remember being tired but happy and I knew that tomorrow we would be off back to the city back to "reality"
  16. Way Home All packed and a wish to the holiday home thanking it for looking after us then into the car to notice new people arriving for their dreams to play out
  17. East Coast Memories Back at home I drifted back to sleep remembering the good times and a way of life that you could always have - not once in a while I remember to this day


Night Before

setting off all board --

journey a sometimes fast

arrival we were

Visual Novel


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