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Dear Readers

I created these tracks when thinking about falling from something big in our lives Octover-November 2022. Each track is about a different kind of fall. See the tracklist for the questions and description!!!

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Fall Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for your downfall?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was created from thoughts of falling from some material things in life and in the Autumn (Fall).

Music, and lots of Moog lead synth by Mark in our new random collection called simply 'Fall' made in October-November 2022.

The music is based with pads, basses and vocal lead-synthesizers!

A time to ask the questions everyone ask - what happens when you take a fall?


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  1. Fall From Fame you've had a few years of fame now at the top and were admired by everyone and paid well but now after a few acts and words you said are deemed a pariah - how do you resolve this?
  2. Fall From Favor you've been the favourite since you were born but now a little sibling has taken your preferential place - what do you do next?
  3. Fall From Grace you've had a luxurious life living in a country mansion attending functions and royal galas but your past has caught up and you are no longer looked after - how do you gone on from this?
  4. Fall From Health you've been in excellent health all your life but now after an accident and complications you are in a bad way - what do you do to cope and look forward to life?
  5. Fall From High you've been a leader of the community and are tops for clubs and socials but it's all gone bad and you are sent to Coventry - how do you deal with this?
  6. Fall From Love you've worked with loved and doted on someone without them knowing but now it's all over as reality and a re-location kicks in - what do you do next?
  7. Fall From Office you've held high office for several glorious years but after a series of un-related events you are forced out of office to the bottom of the pile - how do you respond?
  8. Fall From Peace you've lived in beautiful peace in your country since you were born but a foreign force has taken you and your people over - what do you do?
  9. Fall From Space you've lived on a remote island for years and now you are back into a large confusing seemingly random dysfunctional city - how do you cope?
  10. Fall From Wealth you've always had lots of money and property and the best possible bits and pieces since being born but now they're all gone to dust with no hope of getting them back - what do you do?


Fall From Fame

fall from favor since --

from grace had a life living

health been in health all

Visual Novel


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