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Dear Readers

I have always had a love for flight instruments as they are mesmerising, puzzling and life-saving all in one!It got me thinking about explaining them and how they could fit into our lives as meaning...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone like to see instruments move and rotate indicating some external state?

Or want some knowledge of an aircraft's situation is measured?

Or to see what instruments a pilot needs and gets?

Or to contemplate how we could all do with instrumentation to guide our lives?

Instrumental Life When a guidance does not come, From us or the earth or our fun, And our heights more relaxed more alive, And of our new holding meaning we strive. A decision based on measuring ourselves, Can only be done using instrumental dials, Set to feel us and judge our swell, And to give us a line and beam to dwell. We could preserve our moves and heart and form, And use our mirrors and juices to judge and swarm, Whether we are holding the course or do not drift, In a silent locked cage of steady flowers we gift. Outside the dark hour of the wine and glass, Our gauges present a picture of old that pass, A tale to be taken on the face and time, Of all we can do and can touch on our line. This instrumental life is a lesson we think, But do not drink enough of its pools of ink, Preferring instead to watch and wave, At the final tides claims near the grave. There are many books on life lakes and stars, But we have our own known made behind bars, The mirrors of which we are all made, With the state of the path we then masquerade. Can I believe it is me that is real? Using the instruments of life to breathe and to feel, And I'll steer on my course, with a grunt and a smile And not with the folly of tears all the while. 31st January 2021

We can all love instruments and gauges, they directly appeal to our eyes and have evolved purposely.

The instruments in this post represent a means of measuring an aircraft's state in the world at any single instance.

Put together they are showing what's happening to the flying machine and with skill, what is to happen next.

They are used for something to aim for, for something to monitor and for something to trust in.

When the instruments move, the aircraft is alive.

When stationary they are indicating a fixed state, possibly stable, possibly not.

In this post we talk about what they could mean in relation to your life in a thoughtful way.

Have a look, listen and read the poem about the Instrumental Life.

Instrumental Life

a guidance does us --

and our heights more relaxed

of our new holding