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Dear Readers

Here's a poem about life's journey.Some words for its wanderings.A short and cutting poem for you.But will your journey be the same?

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone want verse to give them the end-to-end message?

Or a poem for the missing times as we journey through life?

Do you need to slow down and realise that this is it, not the past or future?

Is Everywhere in the "now" of your life, not yesterday or tomorrow?

Is it important to be here and not anywhere else?

Rambling Now The hours will be that need us The person wanting to be whole again That would then say of further things That of tomorrow they must see. And yet of yesterday does hide The face of their time and clock melt To be shown when completed role bows Far along the way of linear peace. Walking strong and alone To find the drying frying bones Of a better sweet and well-tried summer Whilst deaf to the charge of life. To present become at most The places and event born world Will be striking at the latest hour And do nothing for their rambling now. 2nd September 2018

When I was young I once imaged what it was like to be old and have experience of much of life.

It seemed to me that yesterday and tomorrow are always hiding and that we will never visit either.

It is then reasonable and beneficial to spend much of your life here in the present in peace - happiness does not have to be a riot!

Lest that after all the years of wanderings or ramblings you are unexpectedly at the end point of your frying bones.

Sometimes we feel we must keep walking to find out where we will end up.

The road could be short or long but the end must not be our goal.

It will surely disappoint as getting there will then be in the past.

The journey the journey, how often are we being told?

We sometimes forget how far we have come and what we have done or not done on the way to this point.

There is a cause for hope if we hold on to each moment in the journey.

But life seems to be not set up like that.

Rambling Now

the hours be that need --

person wanting to be things

that of tomorrow