Anyone wanting to see the last madness of mankind and to want to change it?.

A low-polygon world with people disagreeing on the edge of the waters as their ancestor’s bones look on?.

You need to consider the consequences of running out of time? and to see a final possible view of our world ready for lesser life?.

Men fight as their planet floods, their ancestors’ bones look on, the waters keep coming.

One by one the people begin the long sleep…

The world has continually tried to resolve its differences and really tried to keep things from getting too hot.

But now is not the humans’ time and the fighting shows that we are not worthy.

It has been a welcome few years but now our desperate time is probably up.

There may still time though, but we are running out of ideas, resources and patience…


The Revealing of the Circle

it was the morning --

waiting to flutter on heart

was the late of sun

By Mark Anthony

Models of our path on Earth.


  • Since the day our intelligence sparked, there was only one way we were going.
  • The universe has given us thought and force.
  • The law, habits and social structures have always lagged behind technology.
  • We are generally free to do anything within the law.
  • Technology has the capacity to overwhelm and consume us.


  • From the stone to the bomb there has been a consistent path.
  • War and economics drives the bulk of technology.
  • Our intellect always lags behind what technology can produce.
  • We have the capacity to develop a better way of life we think.

Ageing & AI.

  • Our life span has been steadily increasing.
  • Our technology is now going virtual and “artificial”.
  • AI has the capacity for good or bad it is benign to start with.
  • We can move into machines or they can move into us.
  • We think that time is forever and so put most things off in our lives.
  • As we age we accumulate much and it goes at the end – we value things at a cost.