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Dear Readers

It was a cold December day and my love hadn't turned up.I'd had doubts in a dream about her the other night.The questions now surface about the reasons for her not being here.And now I voice them outloud to the harbour...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

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Anyone like to hear the questions of a distressed lover?.

Or want some cold December thoughts to go with the temperature?.

Perhaps you may be wondering what it is like to feel abandoned?.

Or you just want to hear what types of questions you could have of someone who isn't there?.

Did You On this cold and bitter day Did you leave me? Did you forget me? With the ground so hard beneath Did you call me? Did you resist me? With the grey afternoon around Did you love me? Did you want me? With the branches now nearly bare Did you cry for me? Did I break your heart? With Christmas snow soon coming Did you kiss me? Did you hold me? Or are you still to me Like the dream I first started. 15th December 1997

I wrote this poem on a cold December day when the sun was very dim and the winter clouds seemed stuck in the freezing air.

The atmosphere then turned on me to imagine what if someone I cared for just disappeared forever?

Until that point I had had good understanding of what was permanent and what was not.

At this moment however it tuned out that permanence wasn't and that I needed to ask questions.

The questions I asked may not seem profound or particularly very original I thought.

But one by one I tried to dismantle the scaffolding holding our existence together by asking about your reasons.

What was so maddening however was that I would probably never know why you did what you did...

Did You

on this cold and day --

did you leave me did you ground

you call me did grey