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Dear Readers

I was listening in to a conversation by the sea the other day.I concerned a man who whistled instead of talked.This man had a peculiar name.I could believe it until I heard...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Road 1072823 1920

Anyone want a tune to accompany the easy whistling life of dunes, clouds and sea?

Do you need a sound to remind you of the progress of a lonely whistle?

Perhaps running through the sand dunes by the sea on a cold June morning?

Perchance to stumble upon a strange whistling fellow?

Uiguisu This music Accompanies a remarkable man by the name of Uiguisu, named after the Japanese bush warbler, the Uguisu. He just sits By the sea in the sand dunes, whistling for most of the day, with the occasional walk to the water's edge thrown in. He lies back By the grasses and watches the clouds drift by, and in the evening though, he works in a talent club where he whistles for a living. The crowds demand more from his subtle reverbing music, and piercing, screeching tones. He carries on whistling, squarely under the lime-light, for another evening.


this music a man --

he just sits by the sea dunes

lies back by day clouds

Uiguisu Uiguisu sits by sea in the dunes, Whistling for most of the day his tunes, And waits for water and night to come. In daytime it will try to feed, As all will do as will its needs, And repeat again till full. Later that evening time again, It will feel the limelight in his den, And whistle for us all its dreams. 2nd May 2019