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Dear Readers

I created these tracks to capture the magical shades of Autumn. Hmm, shades of everything as a matter of fact. So go and celebrate the awesome shades of everything living and dead...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Shades Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for autumn's shades?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was created for the beautiful shades of Autumn as of now and as ever was in our temperate latitudes.

Music, samples and VOX by Mark in our new dance piece called 'Shades' made in the autumn month of October 2021.

The music is beat-based danceathon with haunting text to speech and vocoder patches, FX and lots of reverb and stereo mixing to give it some shady space!

Give the hope of ages for the shades of everything in the universe!


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  1. Branches In our lives we are faced with many decisions - these are the branches of our future but don't be scared to choose one
  2. Fields That Last As we live and die on this same planet the fields are always there for us so lets not concrete over them anymore
  3. Fireworks At some point we are goping to be angry and at some point we are going to see fireworks!!!
  4. Good Sense May we have the good sense to think anbout our world and come to our senses
  5. Honey DewWake up in the early moning and taste the begining worl - taste the honey dew it is there if you look
  6. Infinite Road Pehars we are not starting and stopping our lives but on infdinit road or loop
  7. Leafy Stroll One Autumn just take a stroll though some leves if you can and feel the energy and peace of it all
  8. Look Around Sometimes we are wrapped up in our own worlds far too much - just look around and be grateful
  9. Not Much Time You may think you have lots of bits of the future to eat up - but there is not much time
  10. Pressing Moments One way or another there will be pressing moments where you have to make a decision
  11. Red Trees In Autumn there are are red trees - are they sad or happy at this moment in their timeline???
  12. Ritual Every day we get stuck in our rituals - take some time top do something else even if just for a bit and your habits will change
  13. Shades All shades of people andimals and life inhabt out plane so oits best to enmjoy all differences and variations all the time
  14. Which Way Again we come to another decision point in life - which way should we choose???



fields that last as we --

fireworks at some point we

good sense may we

Visual Novel


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