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Dear Readers

I created these tracks for accompaniment to early website poems and articles! It makes me remember the initially great days and times around the 2019-2020 year...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Baib Streams Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for the many streams of life?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "BAIB".

This album contains relaxing instrumental cinematic guitars and rhythm tracks.

Imaging taking a journey or a long walk, perhaps somewhere new.

This music was created for straight-talking movements and videos!


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  1. Always For you I will always be here in some form or another
  2. Been there Some places just feel like I have been there before
  3. Bliss Imagine the very nature and moment of bliss and then trying to stay in it
  4. Crossing to Honeybourne Over the bridge we go towards Honeybourne for our lunchtime treats
  5. Day of rains today it's raining again and today is the heaviest and the wettest and the soggiest
  6. Ducking out I don't want to take part today so I will be ducking out so quack quack to you all
  7. Fantasy island An island where everything can come true doesn't have to be so far away
  8. Games played Look at the games we have played over the years and all to the same end
  9. Get the boat out The river looks mighty fine today so let's get the boat out
  10. Going home After a long holiday it's nice to know that I am now going home
  11. It matters now What was trivial the other week was puzzling but it all matters now
  12. Love teeming After a wild dream my love is teeming yet again from its slumber
  13. Million to one I wonder what the chances of me getting this far and I realise they are a Million to one
  14. Monkeys Monkeys in my dream or on my back but soon to be behind me
  15. New dreams I have set my sights on new dreams so I will let the old ones fade to grey
  16. Open fields As I take off from the airfield I am surprised by the number of open fields without any crops
  17. Plastered Once again I find myself in a situation brought straight from the devils' barrels
  18. Relive the day At night only sometimes do I relive the day
  19. Second dream A quick wake up then it's back to sleep for my second dream
  20. Tea for two A slightly chilly tea room allows us to have afternoon tea for two
  21. Tunnels Every time I go out it's as though I am travelling through tunnels
  22. Wanted I have wanted for love and have found that in the end it was illusory
  23. Wasted One by one the chances in life could be wasted or pounced upon
  24. What ship I am wondering on what ship I will have to sail if I am to fee at peace
  25. What soul Sometime I wonder what soul I have inherited if any at all
  26. My guitar My guitar will gently serve me into the dak hours of the night and morning with its tearful chords
  27. Saturn Somewhere in the solar system Saturn is looking at its neighbours and wonder why they are so silent
  28. Homecoming From the sea I race and know that you will be expecting my homecoming
  29. Islands We are islands around which the salty sea flows and touches our cheeks
  30. First chances The first chances in life are so important and so in need that I can't believe in luck
  31. Wedge This man is trying to drive a wedge between us but so slowly that it may work
  32. Guide I have read the guide on how to be good pure and patient and now need to act on it
  33. Tenticles The life in which we lead is slowly putting out tentacles to feel and tickle their way
  34. Brambles My bike was too fast too soon and now I am in the brambles yet again
  35. Platonic We could have a relationship that is platonic over the new-fangled internet



been there some places --

bliss imagine the very

crossing to over

Visual Novel


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