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Dear Readers

I created these tracks to capture the delicious part of life we called sleep. This is a place where we can get things done and resolved. So go and have a kip, cat nap or forty winks, zzz zzz...

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Mmm Sleep Album Cover


Want to hear music fit for a sleep?

All music on here was created by us under our band name "MMM".

This album was created for the weird and delightful world of sleep.

Music, samples and chorales by Mark in our new ambient piece called 'Sleep' made in January 2022.

The music is mildly ambient with rhythm SFX and pad patches, lots of depth from our mastering and mixing techniques!

Proper sleep is the answer to so many of life's problems. Why try to do things when your battery is half empty?

The transition to and from sleep can be delicious itself.

Think for example about drifting away on a sun kissed beach...


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  1. Bedtime And so to bed to a world where nobody can touch you
  2. Catnap Why not stop what you're doing and have a quick sleep in the form of a catnap
  3. Dreams Dreams are what make us sane and enable us to pigeonhole all our related worries and hopes
  4. Drowse Watch a boring film or attend a monotonous lecture and start to drowse
  5. Forty Winks Have a short sleep during the day after a large meal and hency forty winks
  6. Hibernation If only man could learn to hibernate we could wake up when all the badness in the world has been cured
  7. Kip Kip had a dodgy beginning as a word but now finally refers to the act of sleeping itself - go and have a kip
  8. Rem The Rapid Eye Movement part of sleep is where most of the vividly recalled dreams occur
  9. Rest Why not just rest if you don't want to sleep or have a kip
  10. Sandman The sandman is said to sprinkle sand or dust on or into the eyes of children at night to bring on sleep and dreams
  11. Shut Eye Some people say that they can have a rest or get some shut-eye but only if its quiet
  12. Slumber You spent a lot of your life in slumber so make your environment the best
  13. Tiredness When you are tired you are sometimes not your best and maybe a good idea to stop overthinking and rest
  14. Void Deep deep sleep may be like the void of forever and what awaits
  15. Waking The mad moments waking up confusing dreams with reality



catnap why not stop --

dreams are what make us sane us

drowse watch a film

Visual Novel


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