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Dear Readers

I have been sitting on a bench by a local roundabout.I didn't realise that it had a life of its own.The many people and vehicles that gather.And then disappear for good.

Yours Sincerely, POSOWOCO

Spring 155312

Anyone wanting music to go round and round in life?

Or a tune for the premise of control?

Do you have to go around the roundabout to get by?

Is it a good idea to have common rules anywhere one would need things to happen?

Do you need to consider how we can coordinate to get things done?

Is it important to use rules to get on with everyone and to smooth the daily aspects of life?

Go Around As usual, the village roundabout maintains control over our visitors Sometimes though it can get clogged up The roundabout just sits there and watches the people in their transport It wonders what it's like to go anywhere, anywhere at all! It wasn't moving, it never would The sound here encourages the roundabout to think and wonder about everyone passing And to one day being free as a bird in air.

Go Around

as usual though --

the roundabout just sits there

it wonders what it's

The Roundabout I stand here to maintain control, Without me there would be more decisions, More derision shouting and strife. I accept the block on passing by, By watching and hearing all, I am not noticed not seen. I would want to go somewhere, Where all these people have gone, Perhaps someday when I am gone. 5th July 2019