Anyone want verse to assure them that unrequited love is common and real?.

Or a poem for the love of love and its uncertainty?.

Do you need to tell yourself that love could be inches away?.

Does everywhere you touch a want a “mustness” of being with someone?.

Is it important to have passion, but to learn that it goes 2 ways?.

When waiting for someone not yet declared, it’s hard to make the first move so as not to feel empty.

It doesn’t make the pain any less though.

It does make the rain less wet or cold.

It feels like all the past sadness appears to grab your soul.

That is until the final moment when you learn the unwanted truth of unrequited love.

The months of ghosting visits and lonely waiting are over.

Your heart and sound go punished at the very last…


Hollow Cries

what hearts hang on words --

and sight the silent meaning

who dares to leave fooled

By Mark Anthony

When I wrote this I imagined how many other people were waiting to tell if another person loved them.

I thought that in the months to come I would show-off and look happy even though I wasn’t.

The purest love I could image was actually exciting but trapping in a way.

It’s not until that moment when all is lost and its time to move away from your town.